Jenfloor Salesman Team 02Thinking of installing hardwood flooring or natural stone floor but the cost is out of your budget?

Or wishing to transform your home without hurting your wallet much?

Here’s a great flooring option that is way more affordable in price, yet it comes with promising quality.

It is none other than the popular laminate flooring!

If you have never really know what laminate flooring is, our flooring expert has highlighted some important points to help you get familiarize with this wonderful flooring.

Let’s get into it.

1. Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Among all the different flooring options out there in the market, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring considered as one of the most popular choice. There are plenty of reasons why people like laminate flooring.

Other than being cost effective, the best part of choosing laminate flooring is it offers advantages far greater than hardwood flooring without inheriting the drawbacks of hardwood flooring.

laminate flooring at jenfloor

One of them being laminate flooring is easy to install. Unlike installation of hardwood flooring or outdoor decking, laminate flooring can be installed over the weekend! Laminate flooring is manufactured in a way that it can be installed faster and is diy-friendly.

So does this means you can install it at home all by yourself?

Well, it depends. For first-timer without renovation experience, diy laminate flooring installation may not be as easy as it seems.

2. Professional Laminate Flooring Installation Vs DIY Laminate Flooring Installation

Do you know laminate flooring not only transform the look of your house but it also adds up to property value when installed correctly?

Therefore, you should be thinking carefully before deciding on whether you should go for diy or hire a pro.

Here are a few points to help you decide better.

Professional Installation

  • Quick installation   
  • Job complete on time
  • Outstanding technical skills to ensure professional outcome  
  • Installation errors and mistakes can be avoided
  • Less wastage can save up more money from buying extra flooring
  • All installers are well-equipped with necessary tools

DIY Installation

  • Installation may take longer for first-timer
  • Difficult to estimate amount of time needed to complete
  • Lack of skill. Outcome may be unfavorable
  • Frequent installation errors and mistakes made
  • Higher amount of wastage is expected
  • Extra budget have to be allocate for installation tools

Remember, installation skill greatly impacts on the final outcome of your flooring. In other words, it would be useless to choose the perfect flooring without having proper installation.

Professional flooring installation

Also bear in mind that, all flooring warranties’ validity comes under the same basic condition, where it is only applicable when flooring is properly installed.

So, it is definitely unwise to risk losing your floor warranty by installing it yourself.

3. Laminate Flooring Solution Provider in JB

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Top Flooring Solution Provider In JB

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Top Flooring Solution Provider In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

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But first, let us go through some basic on laminate flooring that you may not be familiar with or visit FAQs page for more info.


4. What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is artificial flooring that uses high density fiberboard as the core material and sandwiched together with wear layer, high quality photographic layer and backing layer.

These multi-layers are then combined through lamination process.

Yes, this is where laminate flooring got it’s name.

Laminate flooring can also consider as an innovated version of engineered wood or traditional hardwood flooring.

what is laminate flooring


4.1 Evolution of Laminate Flooring

If you think this innovative product is new, you are definitely wrong.

Decades of research and development had been done to finally achieve the advancement of laminate flooring as what we see in today’s market.

Early 1920s

Laminate flooring was first invented in Sweden.

Year 1977

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) floorboard was created.

About a decade later

A new type of laminate flooring that is cheaper and easier to produce called Direct-Pressure Laminate was created.

Early 1990s

Laminate flooring was added with stone effect.

Late 1990s

Advanced installation click-in system was introduced.

Year 2000

Sound insulation feature was added into laminate flooring.

Early 2000s

New design of close resemblance to wood was born.

5. Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Knowing what is laminate flooring and the revolution of it isn’t enough.

If you are a serious buyer, benefits of laminate flooring is what helps to determine if laminate flooring is suitable for you.

Here we have listed out some important benefits of laminate flooring that you might want to look into.


5.1 Resistant to Wear and Tear

Do you know laminate flooring is actually stronger than real wood flooring?

laminate flooring do not scratch easily

Thanks to the multilayer structure! Laminate flooring is robust, durable, and able to sustain high foot traffic or daily activities without being worn off easily.

The designs and colors of laminate flooring also will not fade off or turn yellowish when exposed to sunlight.


5.2 Cost Effective

If you were having the thought: good things don’t come cheap… just wait a minute!

Here’s what we are going to offer: good quality laminate flooring that comes in a surprisingly affordable price!

Laminate flooring is better in quality without expensive maintenance required. In short, laminate flooring is more money-saving in the long run as you do not need to spend on flooring maintenance.

Top Flooring Solution Provider In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

Top Flooring Solution Provider In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

5.3 Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring is simple and straightforward. Regular sweep and vacuum are all you need to keep your floor clean.

Make sure you dry the floor if you wish to damp mop certain areas as accumulation of moisture might affect lifespan of laminate flooring.

You will soon realize cleaning your floor has never been this easy!


5.4 Water Resistant

laminate flooring with waterproof feature

Some laminate flooring with water-repellant coating is 100% water resistant.

This special waterproof feature helps protect laminate flooring from swelling or blistering due to absorption of moisture.

However, not all laminate flooring is water resistant. Laminate flooring without water resistant feature may be vulnerable to water penetration.


5.5 Anti-termites

Termite attack can be a huge concern if you are planning to install hardwood flooring. Counter action against termite can be difficult as termites are mostly found out when damages occurred.  

Again, this special feature of laminate flooring is available for certain type of laminate flooring, which can be found here in JenFloor.

We believe installing anti-termite flooring is the best way to protect your home from termite attack.

laminate flooring is resistant to termite

We are not done yet!

There are plenty more benefits offered by this wonderful flooring.

If you wish to learn more, click this link for all the benefits of laminate flooring listed in details.


6. Why Laminate Flooring is Not Perfect?

Well, we all know nothing is perfect in this world. Due to individual preference, there are certain aspects of laminate flooring that fall behind when compared to other flooring.


6.1 Hard Surface

Like any other hard flooring such as wood and tile flooring, laminate flooring is hard and rigid. It is considered rather hard on foot especially when compared to softer flooring like vinyl and carpet floor.

However, the hardness can be reduced by installing a layer of foam or soft underlay.   

hard surface laminate floor sample

6.2 Sensitive to Moisture

You might be wondering why laminate flooring is sensitive to moisture when water resistant is part of it’s benefit?

Let us explain further.

Laminate flooring that does not come with special water resistant feature is prone to moisture damage. Ordinary laminate flooring is not suitable to be installed in wet area like bathroom and kitchen.

To be on the safe side, it is best to install laminate flooring with waterproof feature which is impermeable to water.  


6.3 Less Flexible

What we are saying here is homeowner can’t do much on improving the look of laminate flooring by refurnishing job.

Unlike wood flooring that can be polish and shine, laminate flooring does not provide you the chance for that.

Laminate flooring is manufactured with wear layer that consist of standard shine and gloss. Polishing the surface will only damage your floor.


7. Types of Laminate Flooring

With the ever growing popularity of laminate flooring in today’s market, it is not surprise to find wide varieties of laminate flooring in terms of functionality, texture, installation methods and designs.

Let’s look at some of the laminate flooring type that worth highlighting.


7.1 Laminate Flooring with Different Thickness

There are a few common laminate flooring thickness found in the market. Generally, thicker floorboard tends to offer greater advantages.


laminate flooring with different types

But do remember, quality always comes with price.

So don’t be surprised to find the price goes up with each increase in millimeter(mm). Yes, every millimeter is counted.  


(i) 7mm Laminate Flooring

It is the thinnest laminate floorboard and lowest in price. Due to the minimum thickness, 7mm laminate flooring has less texture and detailed designs.

It tends to reflect noise easily and is sensitive to any unlevel subfloor. Quality is probably restricted by the thickness.

So be extra cautious when preparing your subfloor as any uneven surface may cause thin laminate to come apart and split over time.


(ii) 8mm Laminate Flooring

Unlike 7mm laminate flooring, it is easy to find better quality laminate flooring with 8mm thickness. However, 8mm is still not thick enough to hide any imperfections of subfloor.

You may want to choose 8mm laminate flooring only when your subfloor is well leveled, flat and smooth without any bumps.

Laminate flooring jb

(iii) 10mm Laminate Flooring

Even though it’s just 2mm more, 10mm laminate flooring is 25% more in material. You will notice more detailed designs and different embossment texture in 10mm laminate flooring.

With this thickness, it feels more like hardwood floor when stepping on it.

10mm laminate floorboard is also quieter as noise and echoing does not reflect much with thicker laminate floor. High quality laminate flooring is commonly found with this thickness.


(iv) 12mm Laminate Flooring

You will not find common performance problems of thin laminate with 12mm thick laminate flooring. Greater thickness also means better resistant to impact, more textured designs of different depth and quieter flooring.

12mm thick laminate flooring will literally makes you feel like stepping on hardwood floor. Thicker laminate flooring not only hides imperfection of subfloor but also will not be damaged or split easily by any protruding parts of uneven subfloor.

Expert Tips:

Whenever you ask for price of certain thickness, be sure to get the thickness of floorboard only. Any thickness padding should not be included when thickness of laminate floorboard is mentioned.

Be aware that some salesperson might provide misleading figures by adding in thickness of padding as total thickness of floorboard.

7.2 Laminate Flooring with Special Features

(i) Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Waterproof laminate flooring is one of the high-in-demand flooring type in today’s market.

The center core board is made of top quality waterproof composite material which makes it 100% resistant to water. Waterproof laminate floorboard is so amazing that it will not swell or blister even when completely immersed in water.

The best part?

It’s waterproof capabilities comes with a lifetime warranty! If you are looking for waterproof laminate flooring, you can find it here in our store!


(ii) Double Protective Laminate Flooring

This is premium grade laminate flooring that last longer than ordinary laminate floor.

The secret of it’s longer lifespan is the 2 layered protective overlay, one on the top surface and another layer at the bottom.

The hard overlay finishing forms double lamination that improves dimensional stability of the floorboard.

In other words, double protective laminate floorboard will not expand or contract due to humidity or temperature changes, allowing the floor to stay even and stable for many years.

You may check out more of this innovative flooring here in our store!

Top Flooring Solution Provider In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

Top Flooring Solution Provider In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

(iii) Termite Resistant Laminate Flooring

Termite is a real headache that causes laminate flooring to sag and blister.

Hence, anti-termite laminate flooring is invented. Some of them are manufactured by using selected termite-proof hardwood as their core material.

Better yet, you will also find anti-termite floorboard that uses synthetic resins, which is a premium grade composite as the core. The tough protective layer on the top surface also creates strong protection against termite attack.

You can be sure that there is zero chance for termite infestation.


(iv) Antibacterial Laminate Flooring

Besides cleaning your floor regularly, antibacterial flooring helps to keep harmful bacteria and germs at bay.

laminate flooring with antibacterial properties

Antibacterial laminate flooring consists of a special top layer that acts as a shield to protect against bacteria. This special shield oxidizes pollutants and germs without having you to apply any chemical or floor cleaner.

It also comes with deodorizing effects that converts odors to hygienic odorless air.


7.3 Laminate Flooring with Different Texture

Other than special features, laminate also available in different textures which visually enhance the real wood resemblance effect. Here are some of the textures commonly found on laminate flooring.


(i) Glossy Smooth Surface

As it’s name suggest, the plain and smooth finishes resembles the varnished hardwood flooring look. This smooth surface also presents in different gloss level, from low gloss, medium to high gloss finishing.

high gloss laminate floor surface


(ii) Embossed Surface

It refers to non-specific emboss texture. Embossment is generally placed all-over the floorboard surface without following the printed photographic design.


(iii) Emboss In Registration (EIR) Surface

Unlike embossed surface that is placed all over the floorboard surface, emboss in registration is done specifically according to the photographic wood design. The different depths of wood grains and texture emboss allow better simulates of genuine look of natural wood.


(iv) Hand scraped/ Distressed Surface

This surface is created to look like traditionally handcrafted hardwood floor that worn naturally. Hand scraped surface is perfect for those who want to have an antique wood looking floor.

laminate flooring with hand-scraped look

Other than varieties of functions and texture, laminate flooring also can be categorized based on core materials, sizes, thickness as well as installation method.

8. Laminate Flooring for Residential Applications

Laminate flooring is one of the most versatile flooring that has been widely used for residential purposes. How exactly does this amazing flooring perform from room to room?

Let’s look into it.


8.1 Laminate Flooring For Living Room

Living room is the place for each family member to rest; get cozy while parents can enjoy fun activities with their children. Laminate flooring is the best flooring that is capable of handling every facets of family life, making itself a floor for everyone!

install laminate flooring for living room

The plentiful options on designs, colors and finishes are just perfect to suit different preferences and tastes of homeowners. Installation of laminate flooring is quick and easy without taking too long time to complete. It also can be walk on right after installation.

The hypoallergenic feature of laminate flooring is especially suitable for people with allergy.


8.2 Laminate Flooring for Bedroom

Other than living room, bedroom is where we spend most of our time when we are at home. A well designed bedroom with proper flooring helps brighten up your day the moment you wake up.

Laminate flooring comes with different styles and designs. Natural wood colors and textures provide warmth and cozy feeling which best fits for bedroom application.

install laminate flooring for bedroom

Laminate flooring temperature does not change easily. You can comfortably step into warm surface whenever you get out from the bed.

Laminate flooring is quick and easy to clean which also helps you to keep your room hygienic. You and your loved ones can now enjoy a healthy and clean room environment.


8.3 Laminate Flooring for Kitchen

Laminate being versatile flooring is durable, robust and suitable to be installed in areas of tough condition like kitchen.

The thick wear layer of laminate flooring makes it excellent in resistant to scratches and abrasion. This is especially suitable for kitchen application as laminate floor is strong enough to stand against impact of fallen glassware or sharp kitchenware.

install laminate flooring at dining area

Anti-stain is another property that makes laminate flooring suitable for kitchen. The non-porous surface of laminate flooring will not absorb spillage or causes staining.

Most homemakers would agree that cleaning up kitchen every time after cooking can be hectic. With laminate flooring, cleaning chores can be made easy and effortless!

You can now be sure that all meals are prepared and served in a hygienic environment.


8.4 Laminate Flooring for Bathroom

Obviously, waterproof is the basic requirement when choosing flooring for bathroom. With the latest innovation, laminate flooring today has improved a lot on it’s waterproof feature.

Waterproof laminate flooring is made of sealed protective layer that is impermeable to water and uses water repellent composite core. It is 100% waterproof laminate flooring that suitable to be used for bathroom.

install laminate flooring at toilet and bathroom

Other than guaranteed waterproof feature, laminate flooring is resistant to stains and indentation cause by sudden impact of fallen objects. Stubborn water stains in the bathroom can also be prevented which makes cleaning of bathroom easy and effortless.

Laminate flooring of various designs and patterns is definitely more aesthetically pleasing in the bathroom when compared to other flooring type. 


8.5 Laminate Flooring for Pets

Flooring is one of the major concerns if you are having pets staying indoors.

Never underestimate the harm your furry friend can do to your flooring. For example long nails, claws and acidic urine of pets are what damages the floor as time goes by.

laminate flooring is pet friendly

One thing that makes laminate flooring pet-friendly is it’s excellent anti-scratch feature. The thick wear layer of laminate flooring acted as a protection against scratches and abrasion done by pets.

Waterproof feature of laminate flooring also help to prevent damages done by pet’s urine. Pet owners also may want to choose embossed or textured laminate floor surface that provides a better traction for their pet.

The warm laminate floor surface is also comfortable for pets to lay around and relax. 


8.6 Laminate Flooring for Children’s Room

Parents with young children would admit that kid’s room is the messiest place in the house. Cleaning up the room can be a nightmare especially when the floor is full of stubborn scribbles and marks of crayons and pens.

By installing laminate floor in children’s room, cleaning can be done easily without much effort.


Laminate flooring is stain resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain.

install laminate flooring for children's room

Children’s room will also be a high risk area for scratches and abrasion as kids playing around on the floor with their toys. But fret not; laminate flooring is very durable to scratches and abrasion.

Parents also can keep their kids from allergies as laminate flooring is hypoallergenic.

What’s more, the warm surface of laminate flooring also acts as natural insulation to help keep the children’s feet warm while playing on the floor.


8.7 Laminate Flooring for Dining Room

Dining room is like the second living room especially if it’s an open-space dining area. Having the right flooring not just adorns your dining space but also provide a pleasant dining environment.

Laminate flooring is available in various finishing and texture that fits into different style and designs of house interior.

install laminate flooring at dining room

It is also cost effective as you are able to achieve the wood look effect without paying the high price for getting real wood flooring.

Other than being budget friendly, laminate flooring is quick and easy to install without causing much disturbance to family living.

The high durability of laminate flooring like resistant to scratch and abrasion also makes it suitable for dining room.

As dining area is prone to spillage, stain resistant laminate floor is definitely the best to maintain the cleanliness of the area.


8.8 Laminate Flooring for Stairs

Staircase is often being overlooked when it comes to flooring installation. Even staircases take a very small part in the house, having the right flooring for stairs do make a lot of difference to your entire house.

Laminate flooring tends to be a popular choice among the rest of the flooring when it comes to staircases. Reason being, laminate is the easiest floor to be installed on stairs.

install laminate flooring at staircase

Installation of laminate flooring on so many steps may look time consuming but in fact, it does not require a long time to complete.

It is also a budget friendly choice as homeowners do not have to spend on flooring maintenance fees.

As stairs are high foot traffic areas with a lot of stomping when climbing up and down, it is important for homeowners to choose quality and durable laminate flooring to sustain such usage.

Top Flooring Solution Provider In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

Top Flooring Solution Provider In JB

Get FREE On-site Measurement & FREE Quotation From Us Today!

9. Laminate Flooring for Commercial Applications

If you have been aware lately, you will find laminate flooring in almost everywhere you go! Laminate flooring has become one of the flooring that is widely used in the commercial industry, mainly due to all it’s wonderful benefits.

Curious about what laminate flooring has to offer? Keep reading…


9.1 Laminate Flooring For Restaurant

Laminate flooring is definitely no stranger to recent food and hospitality industry where hygiene is very much concerned.

Features like stain-resistant, ease of cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring helps a lot in keeping cleanliness of restaurant up to par all the time. Laminate flooring of high durability is a good option for heavy traffic zones like reception area and main dining area of a restaurant.

restaurant with laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is available in extensive range of colors and designs which create a sensational look to enhance overall dining experience in the restaurant. Despite of it’s top-notch quality and beautiful designs, the cost of laminate flooring is surprisingly affordable.

Laminate flooring can be installed over existing floor without having you to remove it. Embossed finishing of laminate flooring is non-slippery, providing a safe work environment.


9.2 Laminate Flooring for Office

Every single part of office reflects the company’s image. Choosing the right flooring will definitely give a touch of professionalism in the office.  Laminate flooring of wood textures are particularly popular for offices.

Unlike traditional carpet floor, laminate flooring is able to provide close resemblance of real wood which is more aesthetic. Most importantly, laminate flooring does not trap odor like carpet floor does.

trendy office with laminate flooring

Carpet floor also tends to be dusty and lead to poor indoor air quality. However, you will have no worries with laminate flooring. It is durable and able to sustain high foot traffic with employees walking around all the time.

Spillage of coffee or frequent chair movement will not do much harm to laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is waterproof, scratch and stain resistant which makes it durable and suitable for work environment.


9.3 Laminate Flooring for Gym

Investing appropriate flooring for gym is important for safety and quality of workout. Foam or carpet floor are commonly found in gym. However, both of these flooring have common problems like difficult to clean, trap odor and the gym smells terrible.

These problems will be eliminated when laminate flooring is used for gym. Laminate flooring is easy to clean and does not trap odor which is important in keeping the gym hygienic.


gym with laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is also hard-wearing and able to withstand heavy gym equipment. It is well protected with a thick wear layer and is resistant to scratch and abrasion.

As long as laminate flooring is cushioned with underlay, it is able to reduce noise from gym activities. Laminate flooring with embossed surface is also less slippery and suitable for fitness exercise like aerobics, yoga and even social dancing.


9.4 Laminate Flooring For Schools

Flooring for schools can have a great impact in the whole learning environment. As it requires serving multi purposes in education sector, versatile yet durable flooring is necessary.

Laminate flooring not only looks great in designs, it is also stylish and creates a comfortable and inspirational learning environment for students.

School library with laminate flooring

The high resistance to wear and tear of laminate flooring also allows it to be installed in various areas in schools such as classrooms, assembly halls, corridors, cafeterias as well as libraries.

Laminate flooring can be quiet and comfortable when a layer of underlay is installed.

School authorities who are interested in laminate flooring will need not to worry about time taken for installation. Installing laminate flooring is quick and easy without causing much disruption to ongoing classes.


9.5 Laminate Flooring for Nursery

Nursery or play schools are where young children develop and experience a memorable childhood. The right flooring is crucial in providing a suitable environment so that children can enjoy different activities.

As it tends to be messy when kids are playing around together, cleaning up can be hectic. Laminate flooring does not stain and easy to clean, allowing nursery environment to maintain hygienic at all times.

Nursery that uses laminate flooringDo note that laminate flooring is hypoallergenic. It does not trap dirt, dust, pollen or any allergens that can trigger allergy symptoms.

In other words, parents can rest assured that their children are well taken care under allergy free environment. Laminate flooring is inexpensive and at the same time offers bountiful of benefits including high durability, easy to look after, stylish and warm.


9.6 Laminate Flooring for Elderly Care Center

Proper flooring plays an important role in creating a comfortable environment for daily living of senior citizens. Laminate flooring best known for it’s natural wood designs is able to provide peaceful and calm atmosphere, making care center a home away from home for many senior citizens.

Daily housekeeping can be done easily as laminate flooring is resistant to stains and cleaning is incredibly simple! This allow care center to maintain hygienic for elderly living.

laminate flooring at nursing home for senior citizens

High volume of foot traffic and frequent usage of wheelchairs or walker is expected in elderly care center. But worry not; laminate flooring is extremely durable which makes it a perfect option for such heavy usage.

As laminate flooring is available in different texture, it is important to choose laminate flooring with embossed finishes and non-slip surface for the safety of senior citizens.

10. How Long Does Laminate Flooring Last?

After knowing all the possible application of laminate flooring, it’s true that laminate flooring is indeed a durable and versatile floor perfect for modern era living. But how durable is laminate flooring?

How long can it last?


10.1 Average Lifespan of Laminate Flooring

To be honest, it is impossible to get a specific time length of lifespan as laminate flooring is manufactured in various ways and types.

However, base on our experience in the flooring industry, here’s what we can conclude: Laminate flooring averagely last between 15 to 25 years.

how long does laminate flooring last?

In few cases, some laminate flooring only lasted for about 10 year’s time. Also, don’t be surprised that there are times where laminate flooring can last more than 25 years.

Wonder why variation of lifespan is huge?

It is basically very much affected by amount of foot traffic and daily usage. If you want to know more about this, keep reading.


10.2 What Determine Laminate Flooring Lifespan?

Homeowners should be aware that there are many combining factors affecting the longevity of laminate flooring.

Factors contribute to lifespan of laminate flooring:

(i) Quality of Laminate flooring

It is important to check on the wear rating (AC) of the flooring you purchase and make sure not to go for low cost, cheap laminate product as they hardly last long.


(ii) Installations

Flooring installation johor bahru

Homeowners should take note that proper installation means a lot in maintaining flooring lifespan. Poor installation will actually lead to certain level of damage to your flooring.


(iii) Foot Traffic Volume

It is common sense that low quality laminate flooring will not be able to withstand high volume of foot traffic. So make sure you select the right grade of laminate flooring that sustains the usage.


(iv) Cleaning & Maintenance Method

If you tend to wash or flood your floor with water in your cleaning routine, stop it! Dry mopping or sweeping is enough to keep your floor clean without ruining it.


10.3 What Comes Under Warranty?

Similar to any other products warranty, laminate flooring warranty is only applicable when you abide to the given terms and conditions upon your purchase. So do read your warranty terms and condition carefully to protect your rights as a consumer.

Generally, there are a few areas covered by warranty, which include:

  • Manufacturing Defects Warranty
  • Staining Warranty
  • Wear and Tear Warranty
  • Warranty for Water and Termite Damage (only applicable for certain grade)

The length of warranty would be varies according to manufacturers of flooring products.

Here at JenFloor, all our laminate flooring comes with a 15 years warranty for residential application and 5 years warranty for commercial application.

By the way, here’s what smart consumer like you should take note of:

Expert Tips:

Never ever neglect on the ways of preparation and installation of laminate floor. Any installation without following manufacturer’s instructions can void your warranty.

11. How to Increase Laminate Flooring Lifespan?

As mentioned, one of the contributing factors towards laminate flooring longevity is proper clean and cares during housekeeping.

clean and maintain laminate flooring

Here are some tips from our flooring experts for longer lasting laminate flooring.


(i) Clean Laminate Flooring the Right Way

First of all, check whether you are using the right cleaning agent. Do not risk using strong cleaning agent that is not suitable for laminate flooring.

Always follow instructions from flooring manufacturer. For basic cleaning, sweeping or vacuuming on daily basis is good enough to maintain the cleanliness of your floor.


(ii) Counter Spillage Immediately

Any liquid or spillage that is left for sometime will potentially harm your floor. Even though surface of laminate flooring is coated with thick wear layer, moisture may still be trapped in the seams.

wipe spillage on laminate flooring immediately

Clean up the spillage immediately and wipe dry the area is important to protect flooring from being damaged by moisture.


(iii) Deep Clean Laminate Floor Carefully

Deep cleaning using water can be done once a week.  Although most of the laminate flooring is water resistant, be reminded that they are not 100% waterproof.

Accumulation of water may still affect the lifespan of laminate flooring. Here’s the tricky part, homeowners must be careful to minimize the chances of water seeping through the seams when cleaning with water.


(iv) Avoid Cleaning Mistakes

Common cleaning mistakes happen when the wrong cleaning tools are used. To better protect the glossy surface of your flooring, avoid using hard or stiff broom.

Sweep your floor with soft broom instead. Same goes to vacuum cleaner. Just make sure that attachment like beater bars are removed before vacuuming.


12. How to Repair Minor Flaws of Laminate Flooring?

Even the toughest floor can’t escape from blemishes caused by daily activity like scuff marks of shoes, indentation from sharp objects, abrasion from frequent chair movement and so on.

minor flaws repair for laminate flooring

The good news is, repair and touch-up can be done to fix those flaws. Instead of hiring for handyman, why not do it yourself?

It is quicker and easier than you think!

Hard to believe? Keep reading.


(i) Getting Rid of Scuff Marks

Scuff marks and streak is pretty obvious especially on light colored laminate flooring. Fret not! Here’s a simple trick to get rid of it.

Just use any ordinary pencil eraser to rub off the mark. For large stubborn streaks, you have to remove it using special stain remover suitable for laminate floor which you could probably get it in hardware stores.

It’s just as simple as that.


(ii) Recover Minor Scratches or Scrapes

Minor or superficial scratches due to movement of furniture are sometimes inevitable. Here’s what you can do to recover it. Get a wax pencil with matching floor color and rub scratches from opposite direction.

Fill scratches with wax pencil in short strokes motion from one end to another. Once done, buff the edges with soft cloth until the wax blends in.

You may also use putty to replace wax pencil.


(iii) Repair Major Scrapes

Deep major scrapes or dents are difficult to be repair by just using putty. The only resort left is to replace the affected piece of floorboard.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing the defected piece as you do not want to damage the adjacent floorboards. 


13. Laminate Flooring Designs and Patterns

As laminate flooring is known for it’s close resemblance to hardwood flooring, it is no surprise to find extensive range of wood species imitation.

Among the various shades and tones of wood patterns, here are some outstanding wood designs that win the hearts of many homeowners.


(i) Oak Wood Laminate Flooring

Feature: Prominent wood grain arranged tightly, can be straight or in arch patterns.

Suggested Design Concept: Country, Transitional and Contemporary.

laminate flooring with oak wood grain


(ii) Teak Wood Laminate Flooring

Feature: Straight wood grain

Suggested Design Concept: Scandinavian modern, Oriental

laminate flooring with teak wood grain


(iii) Walnut Wood Laminate Flooring

Feature: Wide range of wood figures including large burls, strips, mottle as well as strips.

Suggested Design Concept: Traditional, Contemporary

laminate flooring with walnut wood grain


(iv) Maple Wood Laminate Flooring

Feature: Curly grains, leaf-figure and burls.

Suggested Design Concept: Modern Colonial

laminate flooring with maple wood grain


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