JENFLOOR: Laminate & Vinyl Flooring Installation Johor Bahru,JB

Flooring Installation Service at JB 新山地板安装服务

Installed more than 800K sqft of flooring. 安装超过800K 方尺的地板.

Flooring Installation
Service at JB

Installed more than 800K sqft of flooring. 安装超过800K 方尺的地板.

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Specialize in Laminate, SPC, Vinyl and Outdoor Flooring Installation

Professional installer and fitter with excellent workmanship.

FREE on-site measurement and quotation.

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An Impressive Range of Flooring Waiting To Be Discovered!

From natural stone or wood effect to luxurious modern flooring, our showroom offers wide selections of stylist flooring.

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Jenfloor SPC Flooring Showroom

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JenFloor ensures all our installers are well-trained to achieve Jenfloor company’s standard.

We strive to make perfect in every details to provide flooring beyond expectation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does JenFloor source their flooring products?

JenFloor emphasize on quality of all the flooring products sold. For better quality assurance, all their suppliers are certified and complied with stringent standards including standards for water resistance, anti-fading, wear and scratch resistance.

Can your laminate flooring be installed for both residential and commercial applications?

Yes. All our laminate flooring are rated with AC3 wear rate which is suitable for all residential purposes and only light commercial application (eg. office rooms and hotel rooms).

Can I install laminate flooring on stairs?

Yes, only when exceptional installation method is used. For safety reason, Laminate plank on stairs must be glued down, transition planks and moldings have to be nail-fixed.

Can I fix minor scratches by myself?

Yes. You may repair minor scrape, scratches and abrasion by covering these flaws with laminate floor repair paste.

Can laminate flooring be installed over existing carpet floor?

No. All carpet floor or existing flooring pads will affect the outcome of newly installed laminate flooring. Carpets and pads should be completely removed and make sure the floor is clean prior to installation of laminate floor.

Do I need to polish my laminate flooring to increase the shine?

No. Laminate flooring is manufactured with lasting shine effect on the wear layer. It can not be modified by polishing or waxing as this brings more harm than good.

How much installation wastage should I expect?

Wastage like cutting waste, plank damage or errors during installation are inevitable sometimes. You can expect wastage of approximately 7% to 10% of the total flooring area.

How frequent do wood grain patterns are expected to repeat on your flooring?

Our wood grain patterns averagely repeat every 20 planks.

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